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The Passage, Waigeo, Raja Ampat

The Passage Diving in Raja Ampat

Dive into a unique underwater canyon teeming with life

Information about The Passage

The Passage, nestled between Gam Island and Waigeo Island in Raja Ampat, offers one of the most unique diving experiences in Indonesia. This narrow channel, often described as fjord-like, creates a stunning underwater canyon where nutrient-rich waters flow, supporting a vibrant ecosystem. Divers can encounter a variety of marine life, including pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, and even the elusive walking shark.

The Passage’s clear waters, which maintain a warm temperature of around 29°C (84°F), are perfect for exploring the diverse habitats created by the limestone cliffs and mangrove roots. The site is suitable for divers of all experience levels, with depths averaging 5 meters (16 feet) and gentle currents that can occasionally become more challenging. Above water, the scenery is equally breathtaking, with towering cliffs and lush rainforests creating a picturesque backdrop.

For non-divers, The Passage offers excellent snorkeling opportunities and stunning views from kayaks or paddleboards. This area’s rich biodiversity and unique topography make it a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Raja Ampat.

Interesting facts about The Passage

Getting there: The Passage is best explored via liveaboard trips departing from Sorong, providing seamless access to this remote location. Alternatively, day trips from dive resorts on Gam or Waigeo Island are available.

Best time to visit: The optimal time for diving The Passage is between October and April, when water conditions are calmest. Water temperatures are consistently around 29°C (84°F) with excellent visibility.

Diving Conditions: The Passage features a narrow, shallow channel with depths averaging 5 meters (16 feet). Currents can vary, providing both gentle drift dives and more exhilarating conditions. Ideal for macro enthusiasts and underwater photographers.

Our liveaboard trips: Several liveaboard operators include The Passage in their Raja Ampat itineraries, typically offering 7-10 day trips. These voyages often cover other notable sites like Cape Kri and Manta Sandy.

A little known fact: The Passage’s unique environment is home to archerfish, which can be seen shooting jets of water to knock insects into the water for food, creating a fascinating spectacle for divers and snorkelers alike.

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The Passage, Waigeo, Raja Ampat

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