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DiveIndonesia.com is launching soon. We're currently building up our team and have started creating content. Our vision: To become the world's leading reference for sustainable liveaboards in South East Asia.

We're hiring

Scuba Diver under water

We are recruiting a South East Asia Diving Liveaboard Specialist. The position is fully remote and you can expect an exciting, multi-facetted job that will change rapidly over time, as we pivot from setting up our portfolio to making the first sales.

You can expect to be selling a dream product: exclusive, sustainable cruises aboard small, mostly luxurious yachts around South East Asia. To do so, you will report directly to Benno, our director of booking platforms, and will work in a growing international team surrounded by exceptional, caring, and passionate individuals.

Let's sell your trips: Become a partner

Aurora Liveaboard Indonesia

Are you a vessel operator looking to join DiveIndonesia.com? Joining as a partner is completely free! Simply reach out to Benno, the founder of DiveIndonesia, and he'll provide you with a quick checklist of requirements needed from your end. Additionally, we'll ask you some questions regarding your Corporate Social Responsibility and your dedication to sustainable practices.

Once everything is set, we'll seamlessly integrate your tours into our portfolio and coordinate a briefing session with our staff to familiarize them with your vessel and tours.

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