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Kode Island, Komodo, Indonesia

Kode Island in Komodo National Park

Discover untouched beauty and rich marine life

What you need to know about Kode

Nestled next to the famed Rinca Island, Kode Island is a hidden gem in Indonesia's Komodo National Park. This remote island offers a unique diving experience, boasting vibrant coral reefs, clear waters, and a rich variety of marine life. Whether you are a seasoned diver or a beginner, Kode Island promises an unforgettable underwater adventure.

The reefs are teeming with life, from colorful nudibranchs and pygmy seahorses to larger pelagics like reef sharks and manta rays. Currents can be strong in some areas, making drift diving a thrilling experience, but there are also plenty of calm spots perfect for macro photography.

Above water, Kode Island is equally captivating with its steep landscapes, dense forests, and secluded beaches. The island's terrain is rugged, featuring high hills and wild bushes, and it's home to smaller Komodo dragons.

Interesting facts about Kode Island

Getting there: The best way to reach Kode Island is by liveaboard, which allows you to explore multiple dive sites with ease. Alternatively, you can fly to Labuan Bajo and take a boat from there.

Best time to visit Kode Island: The best time to dive at Kode Island is from April to November, when water temperatures range from 27°C to 30°C (81°F to 86°F) and visibility is at its best.

Diving Conditions: Kode Island features water depths ranging from 5 to 40 meters (16 to 131 feet). While currents can be strong, they bring nutrient-rich waters that attract diverse marine life.

Our liveaboard trips: Many of our liveaboard vessels visit Kode Island, offering trips that typically last 7-10 days. These trips often include other iconic Komodo National Park dive sites, providing a comprehensive diving experience.

A little known fact: The waters around the island are home to a variety of rare and tiny marine creatures such as pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, and frogfish.

Pictures of Kode

Kode Island, Komodo, Indonesia
Yellow Wall of Texas, Komodo
Yellow Wall of Texas, Komodo

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