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Mayalibit Bay, Raja Ampat

Mayalibit Bay Diving in Raja Ampat

Explore the hidden marine treasures in a unique bay setting

Information about Mayalibit Bay

Mayalibit Bay, located in Raja Ampat, is an extraordinary diving destination that offers a unique blend of marine biodiversity and stunning underwater landscapes. This bay, surrounded by dense mangroves and lush forests, is a haven for divers seeking a different kind of underwater adventure. The mix of saltwater and freshwater creates a distinct environment that supports a diverse range of marine life.

Diving in Mayalibit Bay reveals a rich tapestry of coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove roots, each teeming with life. Divers can encounter a variety of species, from the colorful mandarin fish and pygmy seahorses to larger creatures like reef sharks and barracudas. Visibility ranges from 15 to 25 meters (49 to 82 feet), providing excellent conditions for underwater photography. The water temperature remains comfortably between 27°C to 30°C (81°F to 86°F) throughout the year.

Mayalibit Bay's unique ecosystem also offers fantastic opportunities for snorkeling. With its shallow reefs and calm waters, it's perfect for beginners and experienced snorkelers alike. Whether you're diving or snorkeling, Mayalibit Bay promises an unforgettable experience with its unparalleled natural beauty and rich marine life.

Interesting facts about Mayalibit Bay

Getting there: The best way to explore Mayalibit Bay is by liveaboard, which allows easy access to its remote dive sites. Departures typically start from Sorong.

Best time to visit: The ideal time for diving at Mayalibit Bay is from October to April, when water temperatures range from 27°C to 30°C (81°F to 86°F) and marine life is most active.

Diving Conditions: Dive sites in Mayalibit Bay range from 5 to 30 meters (16 to 98 feet) with generally mild currents, suitable for divers of all experience levels.

Our liveaboard trips: Our liveaboard trips to Mayalibit Bay typically last 7-10 days and often include stops at other top Raja Ampat sites such as Gam Island and the Dampier Strait.

A little known fact: Mayalibit Bay's mix of saltwater and freshwater creates a unique environment that supports a distinct range of species not found in other parts of Raja Ampat.

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Mayalibit Bay, Raja Ampat

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