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Twilight Zone, Ambon

Twilight Zone Dive Site in Ambon

Uncover the secrets of Ambon's most mysterious muck diving site

Information about Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone in Ambon is renowned for its exceptional muck diving, attracting underwater photographers and critter enthusiasts from around the globe. Located on the southern coast of Ambon Bay, this dive site offers a unique underwater landscape with a dark sandy bottom that provides a perfect backdrop for discovering some of the ocean's most bizarre and fascinating creatures.

Diving in the Twilight Zone is like stepping into another world. The area is teeming with rare and unusual marine life, including the famed Rhinopias, various species of frogfish, flamboyant cuttlefish, and mimic octopus. The site's relatively shallow depths, ranging from 5 to 25 meters (16 to 82 feet), make it accessible for divers of all levels, with visibility typically around 10-20 meters (33-66 feet).

Ambon also offers a rich cultural experience with its vibrant markets, historic forts, and beautiful beaches. Whether you're diving or exploring topside, the Twilight Zone in Ambon promises an adventure filled with unforgettable encounters and breathtaking sights.

Interesting facts about Twilight Zone

Getting there: The best way to explore the Twilight Zone is by liveaboard, offering convenient access to this dive site. Direct flights to Ambon are available from Jakarta and Bali.

Best time to visit: The best time to dive the Twilight Zone is from October to April. Water temperatures range from 27°C to 29°C (81°F to 84°F), providing comfortable conditions for diving.

Diving Conditions: The Twilight Zone features depths of 5 to 25 meters (16 to 82 feet) with moderate visibility and little to no current. The dark sandy bottom is ideal for muck diving and macro photography.

Our liveaboard trips: Our liveaboard trips to Ambon Bay include dives at the Twilight Zone and other premier sites in the area. Trips typically last 7-10 days, combining world-class muck diving with rich cultural experiences.

A little known fact: The Twilight Zone earned its name due to the eerie and mysterious atmosphere created by the site's unique lighting and diverse array of strange marine life.

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Twilight Zone, Ambon
Twilight Zone, Ambon
Twilight Zone, Ambon

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