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Mata Jitu Waterfall, Mojo Island, Komodo

Mata Jitu Waterfall on Moyo Island

Discover the enchanting beauty of Moyo Island's hidden gem

Information about Mata Jitu

Nestled within the lush rainforests of Moyo Island, Mata Jitu Waterfall is a hidden gem that promises tranquility and natural beauty. Often referred to as "Queen Waterfall" due to its regal cascades, Mata Jitu features a series of clear, emerald-green pools and gently cascading waters that create a serene and picturesque setting. The untouched surroundings and pristine waters make it a perfect spot for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Mata Jitu is not just a sight to behold; it offers an immersive experience with its refreshing pools where visitors can take a dip. The journey to the waterfall itself is an adventure, involving a scenic trek through the dense forest, where you might encounter local wildlife and a variety of exotic plants. The soothing sound of the cascading water and the vibrant greenery around make this spot a true paradise on earth.

For those interested in cultural experiences, the nearby villages on Moyo Island offer a glimpse into the local way of life. Visitors can also explore other attractions such as the Ai Manis Beach and the Moyo Island Marine Park, making Mata Jitu a highlight of any trip to Moyo Island.

Interesting facts about Mata Jitu

Getting there: The best way to visit Mata Jitu Waterfall is by taking a boat from Sumbawa Besar to Moyo Island, followed by a short trek through the forest.

Best time to visit Mata Jitu: The ideal time to visit is during the dry season from April to November, when the paths are less slippery, and the weather is perfect for trekking.

Trekking Conditions: The trek to Mata Jitu is relatively easy, with well-marked paths. The area is shaded and cool, making it a pleasant hike even during warmer months.

Our liveaboard trips: Several liveaboard operators include Moyo Island and Mata Jitu Waterfall in their itineraries, offering a perfect blend of diving and onshore exploration.

A little known fact: Mata Jitu Waterfall is often referred to as the Queen Waterfall due to its serene beauty and the fact that it was visited by Princess Diana in the 1990s, adding a touch of royal history to this natural gem.

Pictures of Mata Jitu

Mata Jitu Waterfall, Mojo Island, Komodo
Mata Jitu Waterfall, Mojo Island, Komodo
Mata Jitu Waterfall, Mojo Island, Komodo

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