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Manta Alley, Komodo

Manta Alley Dive Site in Komodo

Dive with majestic manta rays in iconic waters

Information about Manta Alley

Manta Alley, located off the southern coast of Komodo Island, is one of the premier dive sites in Indonesia, renowned for its thrilling encounters with majestic manta rays. This dive site offers an unforgettable experience as divers have the chance to swim alongside these gentle giants in their natural habitat. The name "Manta Alley" perfectly captures the essence of this site, where manta rays are frequently seen gliding gracefully through the water.

The underwater landscape of Manta Alley features a series of rocky outcrops and coral bommies, creating a diverse and vibrant environment. The nutrient-rich currents attract large numbers of manta rays, especially during the peak season, providing divers with unparalleled opportunities to observe and photograph these magnificent creatures. In addition to mantas, the site is teeming with other marine life, including schools of jacks, trevallies, and colorful reef fish.

Diving at Manta Alley is suitable for intermediate to advanced divers due to the strong currents that are common in the area. These currents, however, are what bring the abundance of plankton that attracts the manta rays, making each dive an exhilarating adventure. Whether you're an avid underwater photographer or simply a lover of marine life, Manta Alley offers a spectacular diving experience that is sure to leave you in awe.

Interesting facts about Manta Alley

Getting there: The best way to reach Manta Alley is by joining a liveaboard tour, providing direct access to this remote dive site. Alternatively, you can take a boat trip from Labuan Bajo.

Best time to visit Manta Alley: The optimal time for diving at Manta Alley is from April to November, when manta ray sightings are most frequent. Water temperatures range from 25°C to 28°C (77°F to 82°F).

Diving Conditions: Manta Alley offers depths ranging from 5 to 30 meters (16 to 98 feet) with strong currents, making it ideal for intermediate to advanced divers. The excellent visibility enhances the experience of encountering manta rays and other marine life.

Our liveaboard trips: We offer liveaboard trips to Manta Alley that typically last 7-10 days, including visits to other top dive sites in the Komodo National Park, such as Batu Bolong and Castle Rock.

A little known fact: Manta Alley is also a great spot for night diving, where divers can witness the mesmerizing sight of bioluminescent plankton lighting up the dark waters, adding a magical touch to the underwater experience.

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Manta Alley, Komodo
Manta Alley, Komodo Island
Manta Alley, komodo

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