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Kora-Kora, Maluku, Indonesia

Kora-Kora War Boats in Indonesia

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Information about Kora-Kora

The Kora-Kora war boats are an integral part of Indonesia's rich maritime heritage, offering a fascinating glimpse into the region's history and cultural traditions. These long, narrow boats were historically used by the Maluku islanders for both warfare and ceremonial purposes. With their distinct design and impressive size, Kora-Kora boats could carry dozens of warriors, and their presence was often a formidable sight on the waters of Indonesia.

Today, the Kora-Kora war boats are celebrated through exciting traditional races held during local festivals, particularly in the Maluku Islands. These races are a vibrant display of teamwork and rowing prowess, as teams of rowers paddle in perfect unison to the rhythm of drums and chants. The races not only preserve the historical significance of the Kora-Kora boats but also foster a sense of community and cultural pride among participants and spectators alike.

Visitors to Indonesia can experience the thrill of a Kora-Kora race or explore these magnificent boats through various cultural exhibitions and museums. The boats are often ornately decorated with carvings and paintings, reflecting the artistic heritage of the local communities. Whether you are a history enthusiast or simply curious about Indonesia's maritime traditions, the Kora-Kora war boats offer a unique and enriching experience.

Interesting facts about Kora-Kora

Getting there: The best way to experience Kora-Kora war boats is by visiting the Maluku Islands, particularly during festival times when races are held. Regular flights are available to Ambon, the capital of Maluku, from major Indonesian cities.

Best time to visit for Kora-Kora races: The most popular time to witness Kora-Kora races is during the annual Pattimura Festival in May, which celebrates the local hero Thomas Matulessy and features vibrant boat races and cultural performances.

Unique experience: Participating in or watching a Kora-Kora race is a thrilling experience that showcases the strength, coordination, and cultural heritage of the Maluku islanders.

Our liveaboard trips: Our liveaboard vessels frequently visit Banda Neira, typically for 7-10 day trips. These trips often include other prime diving spots in the Banda Sea, providing a comprehensive exploration of the region.

A little known fact: The name "Kora-Kora" is believed to have originated from the word "kora," which means "to row" in the local Maluku dialect, highlighting the importance of rowing in these boats' design and use.

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Kora-Kora, Maluku, Indonesia
Kora-Kora, Maluku, Indonesia
Kora-Kora, Maluku, Indonesia

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