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Triton Bay, West Papua, Indonesia

Triton Bay in West Papua

Dive into the hidden gem of biodiversity and adventure.

What you need to know about Triton Bay

Triton Bay, located in the remote region of West Papua, Indonesia, is a hidden gem for diving enthusiasts. Known for its untouched marine biodiversity, Triton Bay offers a unique diving experience with its pristine coral reefs, abundant fish species, and frequent sightings of whale sharks. The bay’s clear waters and stunning underwater landscapes make it a paradise for underwater photographers and nature lovers alike.

Diving in Triton Bay is suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced divers. The water temperature ranges from 27°C to 30°C (81°F to 86°F), ensuring comfortable dives throughout the year. Visibility is generally excellent, ranging from 15 to 30 meters (49 to 98 feet), allowing divers to fully appreciate the vibrant marine life. Notable dive sites include Little Komodo, renowned for its colorful soft corals and diverse fish species, and the aptly named “Aquarium,” where divers can encounter large schools of fish, majestic manta rays, and the magnificent whale sharks.

Our liveaboard trips provide the best way to explore Triton Bay’s diving spots. These trips typically last 7-10 days, offering ample time to discover the bay’s underwater treasures and nearby regions such as Raja Ampat and the Banda Sea. Join us for an unforgettable diving adventure in one of Indonesia’s most biodiverse marine environments.

Interesting facts about Triton Bay Island

Getting there: The best way to explore Triton Bay is by liveaboard, offering seamless access to the most pristine dive sites. Alternatively, you can also fly to Kaimana and take a boat from there.

Best time to visit Triton Bay: The best time to visit Triton Bay for diving is from October to April, with water temperatures ranging from 27°C to 30°C (81°F to 86°F).

Diving Conditions: Expect water depths ranging from 5 to 30 meters (16 to 98 feet) with mild currents, making it suitable for divers of all experience levels.

Our liveaboard trips: Several of our liveaboard vessels operate in this region, offering trips that typically last 7-10 days. These trips often include visits to other iconic dive sites such as Raja Ampat and the Banda Sea.

A little known fact: Triton Bay is famous for its whale sharks, which can often be seen feeding near the bagans (fishing platforms) in the area. Remarkably, dolphins are also frequently seen interacting with the whale sharks around these platforms

Pictures of Triton Bay

Triton Bay, West Papua, Indonesia
Triton Bay, West Papua, Indonesia
Triton Bay, West Papua, Indonesia

Our trips to Triton Bay

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